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Empowering a Billion Smartphones

In today’s digital era, India stands at the forefront of mobile internet usage. With over a billion smartphones in the hands of its citizens, the mobile phone has undeniably become the primary gateway to the online world. Recognizing this, we set out to build a browser that caters specifically to the unique needs and aspirations of Indian internet users. Allow us to share our journey and the features that make our browser a game-changer.

The Rising Tide of Mobile Internet in India

India’s internet revolution is characterized by its rapid adoption of mobile technology. Affordable smartphones and data plans have unlocked unprecedented access to information, entertainment, and services for millions of people, spanning across urban and rural landscapes. For many, the phone is their first and often only device to explore the digital world. This prompted us to reimagine what a browser could and should be for Indian users.

Crafting a Browser for India’s Needs

Customized Content Delivery

Content preferences in India are diverse and dynamic. Our browser delivers personalized content that resonates with users. Whether it’s news, entertainment, or educational content, users can access tailored recommendations that cater to their interests and needs.

Enhanced Privacy and Security

With rising concerns about online privacy and data security, especially on mobile devices, our browser employs robust security measures. We provide features like ad-blocking, anti-tracking, and encrypted browsing to safeguard user data and ensure a secure online environment.


Building a unique browser for India is about more than just creating a utility; it’s about fostering a digital environment that respects and understands the unique fabric of the nation. By addressing the specific needs of Indian mobile users—from language diversity and data efficiency to personalized content and robust security—we aim to make the internet a more accessible, enjoyable, and empowering space for everyone.

Experience our browser today and be part of the digital revolution that’s redefining how India surfs the internet.

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