Veera is crashing the web browser party We are waving goodbye to the snooze-fest of one-trick ponies and ad- burdened dinosaurs

Crafted with the vibrant flavours of India, embracing the power of open-source, and daring to put users FIRST – Veera scoffs at ‘business as usual’

Veera isn’t playing the decades-old “game”. We are flipping the play, making sure your online mobile experience is designed around YOU

Ready for a cool browser that’s got your back? Buckle up, because Veera is here to change the game.

Our People

ARJUN Chief-architect
Sukhdeep Principal Saab
Akshay Engineered
Sanchit Executor in charge
Ankit Currently on a customer call
Gagan Web 3 Dreamer, living in Web 2
Dipali One of few words, many designs
Jaya The Do-er